Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's I know!! My favorites are of course...

My mom Erica

My grandma Jean

My step-mom Gail

My step-mom Nancy

My dear friends: Vanessa, Antoinette, Michelle, Melissa, Tracy, Nicole, and many more...

Almost Idols Angelina Jolie & Madonna (I admire them both VERY much, as mothers of course as women)

...and more.

I spent this mother's day going out to Alki Bakery with my mother Erica and my baby girl Kenzie, we had a lovely brunch. I'm pretty tired because I had a really nice date last night too, went to a little Lebanese/Indian restaurant and then to a Bubble Tea cafe (you know how I love that stuff). Out til about 1am talking about life and all that deep stuff, so far he's definitely a potential keeper!!

Well I better get going, mom just came and told me baby girl is pushing the cat around...I wish that cat would learn how to defend itself, he lets her 'ride' him, she jumps on him, pushes him down, it's ridiculous, he just lays there.

Oh...and I've pretty much decided on July 1 as my 'goal' for finding an apartment, then I can take my time through July doing the actual moving part. Finances are of course insanely tight, and I'll be living on beans and rice for awhile but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I had my first "Seattle Hip Mama's" meetup group, only one mom showed up but she was nice...I did get a bunch of emails from other mom's with ideas so it's definitely rolling along! I'll really be happy to have more FEMALE friends in Seattle, I'm meeting lots of guys but that well, that gets complicated.

I really miss being able to text my sister silly little messages, she understands my random thoughts more than anyone...all these options I've had recently, opportunities to ponder and such, I really miss talking to her about it, even if sometimes it's just a little text message here and there.

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