Monday, July 9, 2007

Everything is coming together very well!!!

Hmm...I just tried to type in a title and it didn't work, we'll see if anything comes up later.

My title was going to be "Everything is progressing very well" because well, it is!! Our apartment is coming together nicely. I'm spending too much but it's hard to not NEED so many new things...yesterday I bought a pan for instance, a braazillian coffee press, coffee, and well I don't know, a water bottle for the gym with a carribeaner to hold my keys, and then lots of groceries and a tank of gas. There was more too but my goodness it's amazing mow things add up!!

Kenzie and I had a gread day yesterday, anyone who spoke to me in the morning would be surprised to hear me say that, I was grumpy then, but it all turned out really well. Gail even came over with more groceries and then we went and got sushi and wine!! Yay!!

I have to go wake up Kenzie so we can rush to the bus now...I feel so content and happy. I have a lot more to share but the clock says that will have to wait. I'll tell you about my new Lex later----;-)

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Audrey said...

Wow, that all sounds so great! And a new Lex? I'll have to find you on chat again soon. Kenzie's hair is so long now! Very cute