Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'm grateful for (there's more but this is the top 10);

1.) More positive posts than usual on the mom-list.
2.) That I found a place I can afford that is close to a grocery store, park, lots of coffee shops, and a bus that takes me right downtown to my job so I don't need a car.
3.) My beautiful little girl is growing up and can communicate more every day, and even makes jokes! (almost 2)
4.) I'm far far away from the mess that was my situation in NYC
5.) That I have health insurance for my baby and myself and good doctors to see when we get sick or need help avoiding getting sick. It also covers my very expensive prescriptions.
6.) By Monday I'll be out of the 4 person office and into a 2 person office with one of my great new co-workers.
7.) I have a new friend who loves taking care of Kenzie, and refuses to take money (a
8.) I can still talk to my friends in NYC, GA etc. via email and cel.
9.) I can communicate with my sister in Iraq via IM, blog and email (Thank you Internet!!)
10.) My little girl thinks my silly silly jokes are funny and we laugh every day...even the really really tough ones.

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