Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Offensive to say College is good???

I don't get it! I belong (-ed?) to this single mom's group here in Seattle, and I had the nerve to say that college does say something good about a person. If someone graduates college it does show determination, anyone who has ever been to school at all knows it is more than just sitting through class, it's about going through the whole 'system' if you will.

Unfortunately, there were people who interpreted what I said, as saying that people who went to college are 'better' which is NOT the case, it is more about different priorities not more brain power. People have a lot of different facets that make them who they are, just think about dating and how complicated it is (was) to meet "Mr. Right".

Anyway, that whole thread, that involved both positive and negative responses got deleted for getting 'out of hand', I think it is sad, that anyone could be so offended by hearing something good about being a college graduate.

SO...if there are any other educated young single mom's out there...and I know they are I just don't hear from them as much, GOOD JOB, you are taking care of business and I wish I knew you. It drives me crazy to think that women feeling sorry for themselves for being in their situation rather than taking control and straightening their life out seems to be so many of the single moms out there. It really motivates me though to talk about the fact that it IS possible to do just that.

One year ago, I didn't have a job, and I was staying at a friends house in Brooklyn NY, Now I am in Seattle, I have a good salary job with benefits and just moved into a >1000sq foot apartment with my almost 2 year old baby. We are away from the really complicated situation in Brooklyn and in the process of creating a very solid foundation to grow upon. My baby girl goes to a nice daycare downtown less than 2 blocks from my job, and we commute together every day by bus.

I feel happy and confident that I am doing the right thing, and setting a good example for my daughter. We have fun, tickle fights are a daily requirement ;-) and she's even still nursing! I'm glad I can say I'm proud and have accomplished a lot here, please don't get offended, I worked hard to get to where I'm at, and this is just the beginning. Also...my college degree I am SURE had a huge part in getting my life to where it is today.

I do miss my friends in NYC though, we could talk and disagree, still laugh AND be friends, I hope I make some more friends here too. My Seattle Hip Mama's group is growing well so that is good, I just need some more working Hip Mama's on there so I can meet some! Last time I checked we are up to 52 members.

Have a good night, I'm going to try and sleep again, even though I do have to be up in about...an hour and a half or so.

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