Friday, July 13, 2007

Working out...

I just realized something funny, I'm reading this book, it's about women's sexuality. The further I get into it though it really is based on women's health from a Taoist perspective. I love it! I'm taking much better care of myself.

For instance, last night I hurt my back, it was a stupid thing I was laying in the bec and tried to stay laying down when it was time to pick up Kenzie. Next thing I know there is a SHARP pain in my back. I didn't think much of it all day because my office work didn't trigger it, but man, when I picked up Kenzie? OUCH! So luckily, after a visit and nice dinner with my mom Kenzie went down nice and easy, so I grabbed the book and decided to take a hot bath, sooth my mind a bit and hopefully my back. In the book it talked about breathing and meditation to balance chi etc. it was all fun, it even totally recommended laughing!! The logic behind it made perfect sense to me. So then I get out of the bath, and I decided to work my abs, I figure my abs help support my back and they need to be stronger anyway. Plus of course I noticed there was a little bit more padding. It's interesting because a few months ago my abs were flatter, and ironically I think it is because I started seeing a trainer...and working out MUCH less at home. So I did what is usually my 'normal' ab routine, lots of crunches, stretches, leans, I started doing pushups too but that hurt, my chest was still sore from my workout a few days ago. So then I started STRETCHING and man did it feel good. I pushed it too, I thought back to my Hapkido days and now amazed I was at how fast I was able to get more flexible. Eventually I found a good stretch that is hard to describe that really worked that part of my back that is sore! I'm glad because I think that means it's definitely a tweaked muscle not a pinched nerve or anything, and now I'm going to religiously stretch it and keep up with my normal ab work. I was very happy with the way I looked a few months ago, and that's all I was doing! So if I keep doing this AND the gym, it'll be nice. I'm excited because I haven't really gotten into the cardio yet and I know that'll make a huge difference too.

SO yeah, was that totally boring? I don' t care, I don't think anyone is reading this anyway. For me this whole experience is very therapeutic and I am really enjoying the process of getting to really know and take good care of myself in every way, spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and much much more.

I think I base too much of life around my phone, I think that I will try and schedule 'off' times, during the weekend at least. So I'm forced to focused on my present reality and enjoy the moments I'm living as I live them.

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