Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Seattle, apparently has a 'night out"...(?)

Okay...I really want to write about something deeper, but with a whiny girl in the background, and a keyboard about 20 strokes behind me, it's tough.

So, the first person that mmentioned it is a kind of geoster, and honestly I thought he was joking, then I talked to Candace and lo and behold, Seattle apparently has a 'night out' . It is on a TUESDAY. For a city full of workaholics, I think this is well, FUCKING STRANGE. Thursday? Maybe, it's close to the end of the week, Friday? duh, everyone who goes out is generally out on that day anyway.

Anyway, my Geoster is here, so, yeah, when I have time I'll write something deeper.

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Audrey said...

Interesting, I look forward to hearing more about your Geoster...been perusing the link you sent me