Saturday, September 1, 2007

Moving to Alki!!!

Okay, how can I say this calmly....I'M MOVING TO ALKI!!!!!

I'm so excited. I mean like, REALLY excited...I remember being a little kid, going to Alki with my grandfather, watching him windsurf, walking on the roccks with my mom, and shooot, in 2005 when I was pregnant in July...I remember a picture my mom took of mejuroe t ree'in

There has been some attention being paid to this isssue in the Seattle PI today, a building in Ballard is being sold for condo usage too...and this one was supposed to be affordable housing...this is such bullshit, this wouldn't have even gone through in NYC I bet...and believe me when I lived there I had a lot to say about that too...just ask my landlord.

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