Sunday, September 9, 2007

Stress of moving is kind of getting to me...countdown continues.

Well, as of right now, which is Sunday 9/9...the tenant in theapartment that we are moving into is scheduled to be moved out by the 14th...her stuff by the 13th. I'm supposed to talk to the landlord on the 14th or 15th to see how much work they need to do, and to see if I can move my stuff in on Saturday morning....before we head to Portland for the wedding..(which I'm not even sure I can attend because I don't have a babysitting situation figured out).

There is so much going on in so many places...I think I need to write it all on my calendar so I can really absorb and deal with it all...hopefully within the next 10 days I'll be happily living right by Alki...planning a las minute b-day party for Kenzie. Oh, and I want to put on a party for unpacking too. Better go get writing. Actually no, taking Kenzie to the park she's acting up.

So many variables to's all good though.

Plans for dress shopping have been made with my friend Donna who works with fashion and totally knows where to go.

U-Haul truck is scheduled for pickup on Friday, so that we can have that all loaded up, hopefully to unpack the next day at Alki (or maybe that night?). I have it scheduled through Tuesday…just in case. Confirmed already that I won’t be penalized for bringing it back sooner than scheduled, and I’ll only be charged for the days I have it.

My plan is to sign out of this apartment on Saturday morning, or maybe even Friday night if possible, and then head down to Portland.

Biggest question right now is where to stay after Portland. Just in case the apartment isn’t ready by the time we come back…I’m hesitant to stay with friends just because, they all live far from downtown, and I start work so early…Hotels are expensive downtown though too…I guess I’ll sort that out, um, sometime.

I really hope this all goes smoothly, and that I stop getting these headaches. Oh, and that Kenzie's daycare setup with the new management goes well this week. I know she'll miss her teacher.

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