Saturday, September 29, 2007

Technical Escalation Manager...

Yup, that's my new title at work, not bad eh?

Things are still going really well, my cutie pie is 2 now, hard to believe for sure…she is so grown up, as I’m here on the computer she’s listening to the Spanish language of this drum she has that talks, and she keep saying “Adios!” and it is very cute.

Actually, this is one of the first times that she has been right by me, while I’m on the computer, and she’s actually entertaining herself and letting me type!!


lol..she’s turning it off and on so it says “Adios” as it is turning off.

I feel like things are good, stressful but in a good way, I need to find more clarity and purpose within myself to be a productive and active participant…and I’m working on unpacking like crazy.

Tomorrow my WONDERFUL expecting friend will watch Kenzie so I can spend some quality time with Geoff…I totally appreciate that.

Also I'm having dinner with my step-mom and half sis. My full sis Audrey is back in Iraq, I hope it's exciting but not TOO exciting there over the next few monthes...

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