Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Got a box....

Wow...a sobering moment.

My grandmother who has been there more than anybody in my family and has always expressed strongly that she believes in and is proud of me like grandmothers do.

She sent me a lot of beautiful things that kind of have me choking up a little bit. She sent me a stocking, which will be Kenzie's stocking this year for sure, a Merry Christmas plaque, a beautiful little porcelain flower pot (see picture above), a sweater that she bought and hasn't worn (we wear the same size...pretty different styles but I think it is nice she remembers that) and the one that choked me up the a silver kind of platter from Tiffany's, with her birthday on it. It means it was a birthday gift from when she was born. I called her IMMEDIATELY because of course I am concerned about her health, she doesn't talk about this much and her sending such a special meaningful item, something representing her birth and her life that she has always kept in her living room, really really touched my heart to see it.

She sounds good and insists she is doing just fine, only 'cleaning up' are the words she used. I love her so much, she is someone that even through the hardest of all the hard times I've been through (I'm not getting into it now, but literally at times the only person who believed in me) she has always been there for me. I'm crying as I write this and at the same time telling myself that I'm being silly because I'm lucky to have someone like that in my life and I should be smiling with joy.

Tomorrow's Thanksgiving. I'm going to call her again and tell her how our day went, she is always happy when we call and has nice things to say. I really would like to visit her soon if possible. My company is having a conference in California close to where she lives and I'm hoping I can go to that and take an extra day to go visit her at some point.

Either way I'll be down in that area if possible really soon. It's been too long since I've seen my grandma. lol..I'm so teary and emotional now I wish I could live close to her, so we could be more a part of each other's lives but damn...Cali is expensive!! I'll be sure to call and send things in the mail a lot, (she doesn't go online).

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