Wednesday, December 5, 2007

2-4 hours a day to play together

I just realized a little more, to explain my frustration with the situation mentioned below.

I don't get home usually until 5-6pm at night. It is dark then, and Kenzie is almost ALWAYS in bed by 8-9pm. So the window of time these women are complaining about is 2-4 hours a day. That is how much awake time my daughter and I have a day to spend together during the week.

This is aside from the occasional brief cry at night of course but any one who has ever been around a baby knows that this happens sometimes and they are not kids for long!

Not to mention last night Kenzie was SILENT, she crashed, and I heard noises through the night and someone walking around upstairs even at 4am...I couldn't sleep because I was so upset about this whole situation of being told to basically not play with my daughter at home.

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