Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fabulous Week

I love this week, and I just had to record it somehow, I'm not going to write everything but it has been like a fairytale!!

It all started on Friday..I got directions from my manager, on her way out of town to "Stand up and give my opinion" something like that and who DOESN'T like directions like that?? I was SOO happy to hear that...I love responsibilities, decision making, problem solving and yeah, that's what I'm doing!!

Then came the weekend...I was thinking about contacting someone, kind of a blast from the past and kind of brainstormed it all weekend. This eventually turned into a poem that got sent out and delivered a real life prince charming!! You can see the flowers below but believe me...there is so So SO much more. I feel like a real princess..

So I've been both ecstatic about my role at work and also my new found connection has been giving me a 'natural high' all week...I'm happy and like I say at the top...Life is good.

Oh, and plus I get to go to 3 maybe 4 parties this weekend!! I'm so excited!! Hopefully I'll get some pictures up..

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