Thursday, March 13, 2008

Preschool Quandry

It's amazing how complicated the little things get when you have a child. Right now I have the option to keep my child in daycare full time (2 blocks from me), keep paying $1,360/month or look into finding a daycare closer to home, which would also require hiring a sitter (another mom?) who could pick her up so that I can still work full time, which would of course either come out to be more or less expensive/beneficial/stimulating etc.

This of course led to other long do I have to pay for this full time care, at some point she will be in school right? So hmm...when will that be? Talking to my co-workers that have school age kids I learned that in Washington state, they go by the age of the child on the first of September. Her birthday of course is just a few weeks after that...and there is another big decision to make! Do I think it is better for her to be the oldest, or the youngest in her class?

Options were explained to me that if I start her in a private school...I have a better chance of getting her into school a little bit early, then she can later transition into a public school. I like this idea but then someone else pointed out that...

Most private schools are religious (unconfirmed...haven't looked into this yet) and organized religion is not something that I am interested in exposing my young child too...however I do not see it as the end of the world to expose her to this for a short period of time.

So then there is yet ANOTHER decision...should I start her in a preschool that leads into a private school to guarantee placement?

So many decisions.


Jill said...

aren't there preschool options like montessori and other alternative types of education that are private but not religiously affliated?

Kimby said...

I hope so!! A huge part of what I need to do is research this topic more and explore the options. Cost, beliefs, opportunity, location & more are all really big factors that come into play that is for sure.

Thanks for the comment!