Saturday, April 26, 2008

Proposal story...

...Kristin's 27th Birthday...It all started out as a very 'normal' birthday celebration, Kenzie was with Candace at home, and Geoff and I went to our favorite sushi restaurant called Mashiko in West Seattle...

Mashiko also happens to be the location of our very first date.

Also for me, Kristin, it is special because it is also included in the memories I have of the night that I met Geoff (July 26, 2007). It was a (rare) night that my friend Candace was babysitting Kenzie AND I did NOT have a date because I'd recently stopped the internet dating, result being I decided to take myself out on a date that started at Mashiko, and then eventually led me to the local Pub called Beveridge which is where I met Geoff that night.

...Back to the proposal though..we happily chowed through the "Large expert assortment" and the "Regular assortment" of sushi, as well as sharing some beer and sake...we decided to order 2 more rolls, I got my usual ikura and he got something too. When our last order came out, I saw the rolls on one plate, and on another smaller plate was a really pretty arrangement of a lemon on some seaweed salad (yum1) and the lemon appeared to have the top sliced off!

My first thought was yumm...I bet it is some kind of birthday sorbet desert special or something...citrusy flavors always ARE my favorite..this will be good!!

So I grab the top of the lemon happily and say "What's this??!" and ... there was a ring inside!! I was just completely smiling my head off...and I think I said something to him about if he had a question and he asked me to marry him to which I (obviously) said YES!!!

Geoff handed me a print out of the email he had received from my dad after asking permission to ask me for my hand in marriage...and also told me about the phone call he'd had with my mother the day before.

A big big long hug followed this, and we thanked the sushi chef, a waiter, waitress, and then I sent out the message to my parents & sister..."I said yes :-D . . . it's going to be on 8/8/08 . . . Details to come later."

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