Friday, April 4, 2008


I'm thinking that I will need a secretary at some point...I'm getting worse at seemingly 'regular' things that need to be done..say..buying airplane tickets. Or remembering to carry my phone. Or to stop me from scheduling a training session for a Friday least I remembered to put in my application for that Un-expected opportunity that popped up about a month ago...

Today was great but I am lovely man kept me up late last night (I have a hard time turning down a foot massage) and boy have I been paying for it. Work was really busy, lots and lots of cases for some reason (still in my final days of support before moving over to focus on Visual Design) and a lot of people were out today..or there and sick which made the morning a little overwhelming. Logic escaped me when I scheduled a Friday afternoon training session...first one in probably six months (at least) too. I had a great session, it's a new trainer who went pretty easy on me but I bet I'm sore tomorrow...I feel more like a gummy spider though at this point. So I managed to get baby girl and go home, then to the park then home again but....yeah, forgot my phone at the office. Bummer, kind of need that.

So..I won't get into the airplane ticket story, everything has worked out pretty much...I *might* have a Philly adventure to talk about sometime next week...we'll see.

Have a good weekend!!!

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