Saturday, April 12, 2008

NYC - Sore!!!

It's amazing how long my body is staying so so so sore! Tuesday I saw a trainer, worked my arms into a pulp, and then on Wednesday I jogged...Thursday walked from 59th down to 34th...and yesterday, hmm, didn't do much but did go from the Party down to the village.

So funny how wimpy I am now!! I moved away from the city and I really don't walk much anymore since I moved to Seattle. There just isn't the same kind of accessible places to walk that are far enough away from each other and interesting enough to be significant. Here it is so regular, you just walk!

Last night was a lot of fun, went out with 2 people from the alumni party down to the red lion where I used to go sometimes with friends when I lived here. V met us there too which was was so much fun dancing!! That's another thing I haven't done forever...maybe that led to some

wah wah, done complaining. I'm sure my muscles will heal up and I'll be so strong (at some point...maybe tuesday next week?).

I miss my little girl though...definitely want her with me next time I take a trip and hopefully the G Bear too.

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