Friday, May 30, 2008


I can't sleep right now, and so I just watched a movie called "Serendipity". It is a really cute movie, and all about destiny/fate/coincidences etc.

It is interesting to dig really deeply into events that touch the soul.

I'm doing an exercise now that breaks down a negative event thought by thought, each linking to the next in regards to what it means or represents. I've been on edge the last few days and have been trying to pinpoint 'why' in a simple way, but it really isn't that simple...or so I thought. Little irritating things are irritating because they point to bigger thoughts and feelings below that are sometimes really not all that apparent, or to make the assumption that they are seems dramatic but if you go step by step it makes sense.

I was only kind of thinking about that stuff while watching Serendipity, and then I came online, and saw part of my horoscope that stuck me:
Ambition and achievement are qualities you hold in special regard now.
It's true.

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