Thursday, July 24, 2008

Still think I'm pregnant!!

I couldn't help but buy more pregnancy tests...I bought a three pack, one of which I used right away, nothing really showed up but I'm not terribly surprised just because it is the end of the day and I've been drinking water and peeing like crazy.

I'm going to take one tomorrow morning too...unless I can stand to not do it.....and I'll wait until Monday or Sunday morning for the last one of the package.

Due date for the baby if I'm pregnant I believe would be April 4th next I would probably have a little Aries baby :-) I am having a great time thinking about it and really look forward to what it means. Impacts in the now around drinking alcohol and coffee are not bothering me as much as I thought it would...I'm just joyful and distracted thinking about other things.

If the lines show up 'very' pink tomorrow I will show Geoff and make an appointment...otherwise I'll wait until no period comes and I take the test probably on Monday.

We will see!! If I am pregnant, it means we don't have to hold back on our honeymoon but I can't drink really (saving money!) and if I'm not then we'll have a blast and look forward to doing this sometime later....really it is looking good BOTH ways.


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