Saturday, August 2, 2008

5 weeks or so..

I'm still pregnant!

Honestly I don't feel all that pregnant, aside from it being harder to suck my tummy in a big and having to pee all the time. I've had maybe one or two random brief waves of nausea, but never came close to actual puking at all which is nice.

I don't remember how far along I was with Kenzie when I started experiencing that kind of yucky symptom.

Geoff is being really supportive, we have the wedding coming up but he is trying to read his 'Dad's Pregnant Too" book that I got him and is very sensitive to my feelings which is really nice and I appreciate it a lot. I am so so happy that we are getting married (in six days!!) and that I will have him as a husband and my babies will have him as a father forever.

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