Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Last Week...

This will be my daughter's last week at her daycare, where she has been going for almost two years. I'm having a hard time with it because it is like the end of an era when we get together every day before work/school and ride the bus downtown together, and after the day is over picking her up and together heading home on the bus again. Part of me feels silly for letting this get to me but this is going to be a huge change, I will miss my little girl on the bus with me in the mornings...true I'll have more time for myself to do things like read or maybe even knit... but I'll miss her very very much. I'll also miss the 'community' of the daycare she's been at because they feel almost like family too they've known us so long...almost the whole time we've been in Seattle! I want to do something nice, write notes to the other parents, to the teachers etc. but I've been soo soo tired...I need to do it though because they have been great.

Eventually we will have a new routine, when the house is done it will be a 6 block walk to her new daycare, and from there I will eventually be hopping on a train (to start it'll be a bus, train's not in service yet) and that will be my commute to work...either that or Geoff will take on the morning drop off and I will be picking her up every day in which case I'll be leaving really early in the morning so I can get there in the mid afternoon to pick her up and go home.

Until then I won't be a big part of the daycare commute because the three locations of my apartment, her daycare, and my job are pretty far apart and definitely awkward to fit all three into a 'routine' wi/out a car...I'll probably tag along with Geoff sometimes but he'll be handling most of it.

I just really hope that they will get closer and maybe she'll get even more excited to see me at the end of the day...I know I'll be more excited to see her because I'll be missing her. I'll be writing all this down in the journal that I keep for her to look back on because especially if she has a hard time, I really want her to know that I love her and that I miss her at least as much as she might miss me once this gets started. Okay...time to get started with work.

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