Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dreams of babes...

I had a dream last night that was very very vivid...I usually dream but forget them right away, last night was funny because it took FOREVER to get to sleep and when I finally did I was having this dream...basically I was with my daughter, at some kind of birthing center, and I knew my sister was having her baby (she's not pregnant) and I felt like I would be soon too (but no pain) and upon walking into the building (clean place, no where I have ever been) I found her lying in bed peacefully with her new baby. I calmly walked back to another room thinking "it's my turn" along with my daughter and we got into a little tub/pool thing, very shallow, like a wading pool. I had a feeling like I should push and I heard someone tell me basically if you can feel it with your hand, it's ready, and in my dream it was like I felt down between my legs and the head was RIGHT there! (still no pain strangely enough) and so I peacefully reached down with my hand, and pushed/pulled the baby up to my breast. I remember in my dream my daughter watching with with joy as the wrinkled little newborn hungrily latched on for the first dose of mommy milk.

It was a WONDERFUL dream...and I hope I have it a few more times at least...I think just thinking about the dream will help me sleep tonight.

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