Friday, October 3, 2008


Today was good and bad.

I swear I felt the baby move at work today, which was a pleasant surprise compared to the other events occurring at the same time.

During my morning commute...I read while we were on the bus, and came SOOOO close to getting sick it's not even funny...I swear I even lurched a little bit. There was a smell like bad breath and it almost killed me, plus there was bad traffic (see my regular blog for today's picture) and it was just a loooong slow, stale commute. Didn't throw up though.

Towards the end of the day though, I had a pretty bad headache...bad enough that I stayed later than I intended, and drank a caffeinated soda thinking maybe it was a caffeine headache.

I made it home, and promptly puked my guts out. It was bad.

I still have a headache and hope this doesn't continue.

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