Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Obsession

I think of things I want to write here all the time, usually I am on a bus, in the car or just sitting or walking outside or at work. By the time I am able to sit down to write wnd process things that fleeting thought is gone. So, this morning I started thinking about a way to handle my overload of topics and ideas and what I came up with a regular half hour date with myself to unload, either at starbucks before I get on the bus or a cafe once I get downtown to write it all up.and post it before starting my day.

That is what led to my obsession, which is to get one of those teeny laptops that I can keep in my purse and use exclusively for internet usage, because what I'm doing this second, which is typing this up on my blackberry just isn't a smart thing for me to do, I've experienced blackberry thumb just from texting too much so I know it isn't good for my phalanges (fingers) which if like to preserve for other things I like to do like knitting or braiding my daughters hair.

So hopefully I will soon be writing more regularly and not spending as mush time being frustrated about not being able to remember or communicate my thoughts.

We will see! My husband claimed he'll get me one for Christmas, we'll see if I'll be patient enough to wait for that or if I get one for myself sooner.

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