Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I'm reading a couple of great books, the one that has made the biggest impression on me is definitely one called "The Passion Test" which has excercises in it that while not entirely unique are presented in a concise followable fashion that allowed me to define what my top 5 passions in life are:

1.) Owning my time (being the one to decide how to use it)
2.) Keeping my body and mind healthy and beautiful
3.) Spending time with my daughter(s) and husband
4.) Sharing my stories through word and art
5.) Helping people to get through the struggles they face

I'm now running every decision that I need to make through these passions to make sure that the outcome is inline with what I believe is important in my life.

So far it is working really well, and actually really both simplifies decisions as well as makes the outcome much more satisfying...lunch is almost over but I will be continuing to write on this topic.

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