Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Crunchy Wake-up

A few mornings this week have been such a tease!

Both Monday and today, Wednesday, I've woken up to the "scrape....scrape....scrape" of neighbors scraping ice off of their windshields. Both days I eagerly got up to go look out the window, to see if there was snow...maybe I have to stay home with Kenzie!

But no, no snow. So I am going to get ready for work now, it will be a loong day as we have our child birth class tonight too which goes until about 9:30pm (ouch!) I wish it was earlier in the day...

Have a wonderful Valentines Weekend!! Kenzie and I will be spending time with my sister and friends as my super-husband has an important business trip. We'll miss him but I'm glad he's taking care of things!

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