Sunday, March 8, 2009


I haven't talked about this much, but at least some of you know that I have recently become involved in Arbonne. I'm getting started with a new program called "Arbonne Angels" that touches my soul in that the parties are being thrown to raise money for charities that need it. On that Arbonne Angels if you click around a bit you will find the email that I sent to the woman about charities that I plan to raise money for...I'm beyond excited and the only thing holding me back at all is a slight lack of energy ;-)

I just watched a very inspirational news story about another mom who did this, and is now a millionaire HERE (if you go to this page, the video is just to the right of the article) and it got me excited enough to share the beginning of my journey with you!

My goal for the month is to have 6 parties, raising money for a variety of charities that need more funding. It is my first month throwing parties and I just feel like this is the PERFECT way to start out my Arbonne far I have 2 scheduled, both are in about 2 weeks and will be raising money for the National MS Society & Open Arms both of which I've benefited from by 1 degree or less and I feel strongly that they are doing a lot to help people.

Now I'm looking into a way to do some virtual parties, to get conference calls and show videos on the webinars as well for us to all work together to get some AWESOME products and raise money for some very meaningful causes.

I'll occaisionally post what is going on! I'm so excited and can't wait till I can post my millionaire story to share :-)

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