Friday, May 15, 2009

One Month

So hard to believe that it has already been a month...WOW.

Hazel is doing so well, she holds her head up as much as she can and is kicking those legs a lot, if she is laying down and there is something to push on with her legs she'll do it! She's gotten a few good handfuls of hair too, (usually mine or Kenzie's).

I'm gradually learning what kinds of foods seem to irritate her little tummy...first culprit is milk products, second is a moment of hunger I decided to make a bean soup (chili-ish) and that did NOT make for a sound night of sleeping at all...especially considering I ate it for lunch and dinner, by after dinner time she was getting the effects of lunch, and you can guess how the rest of the night went. So I'm avoiding dairy and beans, meaning WIC is not coming in handy as far as my nutritional needs go! Maybe I'll just eat the eggs, carrots and tuna...?

So I'm exhausted, but feel like I'm bonding with my baby girl so that is good...I really hope she starts smiling more though.

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