Sunday, June 28, 2009

I am feeling something!

Starting this morning, about the time I was washing my face before going to the hospital I started noticing my right ring and pinky finger felt funny. They felt like they were blustered almost, or like a mild burn, and now, way later I feel it more and it is also on my palm and bottom of my right foot.

I don't think it feels 'good' persay, yet I do at the same time. My balance I think is getting better and I was able to walk and carry plates tonight without spilling too much. A lot of my experience with MS is like being tipsy but not feeling the buzz of having a couple drinks. I felt like I looked drink even though I drank no alcohol just some soda.

I'm totally exhausted yet hyper, think everything i'm dealing with us funny yet pisses me off, and of course am trying to do my best too stay focused on the bright side.

Off to go curl up with my beautiful sleeping girls now after a lively conversation with my lovely man Geoffrey.

Sweet dreams, find pleasure in chaos and all is well.

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