Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Infusion Mornings

My MS has been acting up for about a week and a half now, and is starting to affect my walking, typing, driving and even my texting! Basically it is mostly sensory loss on my right side. Not complete, but I would estimate about 85% at this point, I can still move everything though which I am grateful for.

I'll now be getting an IV to start myDay for 3-5 days. I read up on it, I could get anxious (even more) and hyper, which will be great if I can get things done, not so much if moving remains a challenge. I will be taking solumedrol also prednisone to taper off the steroids.

I followed some friendly advice from friends to avoid caffeine but I am definitely craving some coffee!

This will be day one, I'm in the waiting room now to get started. I hope it helps a lot and that it helps fast.

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