Tuesday, September 13, 2011

School Starts = Workout!!

I'm totally psyched...without even really planning this, our morning routine has magically morphed into a mutually beneficial arrangement where I am jogging with my daughter, who is on her bike, to school! Today I even brought my 2yo with me and jogged with her in the jogging stroller, it was awesome! I wasn't able to jog the whole time but I did most of the way there and then on the way back I was pushing down the handle (so the front tire was off the ground) and figure it's helping my triceps at least a little bit.

 I love this part of our days now, it feels like I absolutely made the right decision switching schools last minute. I made the decision based on:

* Classes of mixed grades (hers is K-1, and another is 1-3 for example)
* Walking distance from our home
* Smaller school

Starting at a new school has gone relatively well, she does really like her teacher and seems to be in the process of figuring out who she wants to be friends with...I'm glad she is in an early grade so that most students are there for the first time and are in the same boat. I have special instructions to bring her the treasure chest of rocks she has so she can show her class today, so hopefully that goes well!!

She was upset yesterday when other kids didn't like the rock she had to show them, it was pretty sad, her story seemed to imply they didn't comprehend the beauty of the rock. Hearing things like this make me really want to homeschool her....she says she likes school though so we will see.

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