Thursday, July 5, 2012

Baby Food, Juicing and Smoothies Oh My!!

This has got to be one of the most planned out posts I've ever done, it all happened when I went to pick up my husband about an hour ago and being in the passenger seat started taking a look at an ad we got in the mail that was selling this item:
 If you can't tell from the picture then let me tell you about it. It is a blender with tiny little cups/containers so mom and dad can make tiny portions of baby food, it can be whatever you want, smoothie-like, dinner all blended up, or anything else you can think of that you want to get blended together for your baby to eat...why did it cause such an urge to blog about appliances? Well...let me tell all started about ten years ago when I was watching TV and I saw an ad for...

Yes the MAGIC BULLET. It is something I swore by for years, in fact at one point in my life I had two of them because I was spending the night at different places and I ALWAYS wanted to have it with me to make my smoothies in the morning. My favorite smoothie mix changed over time and most recently was the mix that I got from Arbonne, either the chocolate or the vanilla flavor mixed with banana, coconut milk, and even some cooled espresso sometimes. Magic was a part of my life for a long time and will always be a fond memory...I have moved on for the most part though and my latest favorite food processing tool is:

This is the Omega 8005 and I got it, or I should say "we" got it as a wedding present when I married my husband Geoff on 8/8/08. I use it all the time to make juice, usually with carrots, apples, kale and/or chard from the garden, herbs I might have around, beets if I have them around, pears if I have them around and so forth...I love this thing. I also recently figured out that if I take...

...a bit of the fibers that result from the juicing process and mix it with a bit of the juice, then it makes a lovely textured baby food you can see here!!:

It was AFTER I fell in love with it that I found out about and (which is affiliated with the rawfoods YouTube channel) and then my love for it skyrocketed... 

See, both of those sites are run by a guy named John who puts up AWESOME videos on YouTube about two things I'm totally obsessed with which is growing food and finding wonderful ways to consume it. His Gardening videos have been great as I feel motivated and more educated about all that I'm doing there and the videos on his rawfoods channel show a lot of ways to eat the food I grow in ways that I had not thought of before. It was also on there that I learned about this beautiful machine...the Vitamix TurboBlend VS:

I'll have to find and post the video that made me want this machine so basically took things that I don't think of as even being blendable and made them totally into a smoothie-like substance that he then walked around his yard with and used things like chard to dip into it. I totally aspire to be able to do all that.

So now we've gone full circle...and basically when I saw that Baby Bullet it made me laugh because the me of a few years ago would have bought it in a heart beat...but especially since I had just figured out this AWESOME motivation to juice more than I already do, because I can not only make juice for all of us but also some more 'solid-ish' foods for my little guy too.

It made me think about that Magic Bullet though too and reminded me that part of why I stopped using mine, aside from not liking the process of washing so many parts (it added up when making smoothies for multiple people) it first the use of the blender we currently have making more sense for making smoothies for lots lf people, and second it was knowing that there was something better out there called a Vitamix TurboBlend VS out there waiting for me to love it.

Links on this page to the Vitamix will link to Johns sites which I make no money off of but would love to send business to him as his videos have taught me so so much and the other pictures when clicked on will take you to the appropriate product pages on Amazon where you can find more details and reviews if you are interested and if you decide to buy any of these Amazon will send me a minuscule percentage of what you pay for them...Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy your journey too!!

Have you been through a similar appliance journey? Totally opposite? I'd love to know.... 

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