Tuesday, July 10, 2007

So, nevermind about that new Lex, it was one of those cases of misbalanced 'like' and different life phases. I'm bummed about it, I think I'll stay out of Match at least for a little while and see what my friends have in store for me, yeah, friends are what I really need, if I get a lot of good friends and build my network naturally I think that would work better. Match makes it too easy to just drop somebody and look at 20 more. Relationships can be so good but man, my instinct is way off.

Yesterday baby girl and I went to Alki as you can see in the pictures below, that was fun it was just beautiful out. We couldn't really job (candace was with me) because Kenzie wanted to be held, but I might try again tonight at Lincoln Park, IF I'm not exhausted from today's workout in the gym.

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