Thursday, July 12, 2007


I guess I haven't really talked about it much but I joined a gym's close to my job so I can go a lunch or after work. It is working out great because Kenzie is in daycare of course and so I'm able to focus. I've been working with a trainer who is awesome and totally works me out when I see her. Right now for instance I am SO SO SORE from Tuesday's workout. I need to get into doing more cardio, it'll happen soon especially if I do as I said I would and cut back on the match dates. I haven't really gone on any recently just because I was kind of focused on one guy, we're doing the friends thing now though so who knows. I'm going to just chill and workout at lunch focus on getting to know myself.

I'll be getting a massage today hopefully it won't be too painful for my aching muscles. I'm looking forward to this weekend, lots of plans, I'll be meeting up with my Seattle Hip Mama's group and then going to my friend Candace's pool, Kenzie was there yesterday and loved it. On Sunday I'll be hanging out with my buddy Andy I think we'll hit up the aquarium and then I'll go get all mani-pedi-cured up with my sister and stepmom...busy but it'll be good.

I'm finally getting a LOT more furniture in my place, there should be a couch there (loveseat) by the time I get home, my mom is bringing it in from storage, it is SUCH a comfortable couch. I also have 2 chairs, I think they're called 'winged' or something, kind of granny-ish but they are pretty comfortable!! I need to find out how to cover them. Or how to get my mom to do it, she's an excellent sewer!! Yesterday we moved a lot into my house, including the huge horse painting that I really we have to figure out how to hang it...interesting. I hope we don't break the wall down!

I'm totally loving my apartment, I'm starting to meet more neighbors and Kenzie and I are settling into a's fabulous.

I don't think I'm ready for a boyfriend, there is so many other things going on, oh I also have a Parental Board Meeting later today!! (Whew!!) lots of stuff. I also signed up for Clearwire and have internet at home, so I'll be more present online for sure.

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