Thursday, August 30, 2007

Condo's official.

I just saw this:

...and it basically says that yes, this apartment complex I'm moving out of is officially going to be turned into I'm one of the hundreds that are SOL in this kind of situation.

I'm looking at 2+ places today, one is exciting, one is a compromise but I'd save we'll see what happens!! I'm trusting my gut instinct, I'm also reporting the California Court apartment owner to the HUD for discrimination, I met someone who works there (she approached me to thank me for my parent board participation!) and she recommended that I do just that...

I'm feeling like it's kind of my mission to get the word and publicity out about how much this messed up people's lives. The senior citizen living across from me is having a really hard time...there are a lot more in the building I worry about them more than I worry about me.

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