Tuesday, August 28, 2007

STILL denied.

After providing a lot of very clear information, paycheck stubs, detailed credit report, a looong list of references, the owner of California Court apartments has rejected me as a tenant. Even though I DO make more than 3x the rent of the apartment I was applying for, and have a good relationship with the Property Manager of the apartment I am being forced out of.

The ONLY thing new on my credit score is it being run again since I got my apartment, and the number itself is HIGHER than the last time I checked.

It is not a HIGH score, but it is not terrible, it is right around 600, just above for 2 crediting companies and just below for another. My references and salary are solid.

I'm taking this as it just wasn't meant to be, but believe me I am fighting of some major tears as I'm typing this up. I am furious that I am having trouble finding a place to LIVE. I am a good person, with a good solid job, NO criminal record, and a toddler that I need to provide for.

This is not fair, and my heart bleeds for the people who have it way worse than me, like all the seniors living there waiting for a space in a retirement home.

There should be an official voucher that tenants in good standing are provided with from the people taking their homes away that tenants can with their applications that owners can recognize as solid evidence of just that and accept applications from good tenants who are homeless through no fault of their own.

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