Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Saturday after I found out about my apartment building being sold, I put Kenzie on my back and headed out the door to look for a new place to live...because I knew that 72 units worth people would be doing the same thing soon, and I want to stay in the neighborhood that I am in. I moved there to be close to the elementary school, public transportation, Lincoln Park, a great grocery store and a FLEXCAR that is at that grocery store.

I got the news yesterday...DENIED...due to my credit, I was not accepted.

Ironically, I believe this had a lot to do with my having recently...gotten an apartment!! I have only lived, where I live, for about 2 months. Prior to this I was looking at a lot of other apartments who yes, ran my credit. Prior to that I was thinking of buying a car, and decided against it (even though I WAS approved!!) and this was part of why I wanted to live near the bus and flex car, so I could save the money for a future down payment.

I signed up for a credit report tracking system to help me get everything on track and lo and behold this was on my score details page:

Each time a potential lender or landlord pulls your credit report for review, an inquiry is placed on your file. Having several inquiries on your credit report is negatively affecting your score. Inquiries stay on your credit report for up to two years. They are not necessarily negative information, but too many inquiries may indicate to lenders that you are trying to take on more new debt or possibly overextending yourself. Try to keep your inquiries to a minimum and apply for new credit only when necessary. (N-D)

I'll admit, my credit is not perfect...but it was good enough to get into the apartment that I'm in now that is almost exactly the same price, and in as good if not better condition than the one I'm currently applying for. Nothing that is negative is from the last year aside from numerous credit report reviews.

Fortunately the Property Managers are really working hard, advocating for Kenzie and myself to get into this apartment and I'm feeding them any and all even potentially helpful information...My fingers are crossed, I really really hope I get this apartment so that life can go on.

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