Saturday, August 25, 2007

Moving again...twilight zone 4 REAL

Today, is one of those days, that was created to challenge my sanity.

I found out that I have to move, and IF I move before 9/16, then I will be able to get a nice lil chunk of change in addition to my deposit/rent refund. The apartment building was sold, I believe last Friday, and we were all informed on Saturday. I'm really upset about this because I love this apartment, the location, the layout, everything. We all have to move...all 72 units of us.

I walked around looking for a place to move almost well, immediately. My legs are sore, Kenzie is tired, and well, I've looked at one place that I don't really like as much as this one, but it has almost everything this one does, aside from the ground level sliding glass door into the courtyard. I put a payment down for them to run my credit etc. and she said that I'm the 'top' priority or whatever, basically if my credit goes through it's mine.

My wonderful god-send of a new boyfriend Geoff said he'd take care of the 'moving' part once I found a place to move IN-to, so really I have nothing to complain about. Also my dear friend Candace is helping out with the childcare situation during the first week of yeah. Life is good, just a couple of bumps along the way.

Actually, I'm glad I came to type this up, because I just realized, if they turn this into condo's...I can TOTALLY see myself coming back to this apartment/future condo...I hope they keep the basic style/layout. Plus, if I'm right down the street, then I'll be quick to see when it is available...hmm..maybe this was really a blessing in disguise...

My 'wish' is to move into this new place, and stay there for 2 years, and buy this space as a condo...I am delirious, but that does sound really good to me.

Oh, and just to make you sick to your stomach...I have to say it...I'm TOTALLY in love with this guy Geoff...and this is just the begining...I think I might have found a real kind of...soulmate or kindred spirit, whatever you wanna call it, I feel like I've got it.

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