Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I think I need to start meditating...

Man...things get intense sometimes...big stresses right now revolve around:

  1. The insane amount of stuff that needs to be sorted through in my house, totally cluttering it. I would MUCH rather think about a party for Kenzie's birthday next month...reality is I need some time to clean.

    Friday Kenzie will be with Candace though, so hopefully I'll be able to get through a lot of it, I'd like to trash as much as possible, or at lease get it sorted and in relevant boxes.
  2. Clients...some people really really seem like they're just trying to test one's patience. I know that I should never take that stuff personally but it's tough sometimes, especially when I'm doing everything in my power to make things right.

    I'm really glad I've got good management and support at work though, and that my hard work fortunately IS being recognized internally

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