Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Iraqi orphans?

I saw a front cover story on the local "COLORS" magazine the latest story seems to be implying, (I'm judging the cover, have not read the story), that we are not letting Iraqi refugees come to America. It points out how many Vietnamese immigrants were brought into the USA in comparison...I'll have to pick it up and read it tomorrow but it sparked a lot of strong feelings in my mind.

Any who knows me well knows that adoption is something that I very seriously consider pursuing in my future. I love how Angelina Jolie has made such an impact and adopted children from a handful of countries. I would love to adopt some kids, and tonight it kind of hit me. It was after reading my sisters blog, and also thinking about what kind of a role do I play in this war. I don't really have to worry about going over there myself, anyone with medical issues like mine aren't really wanted out there anyway. I could protest, but I am hesitant to do that too because I want to respect my sister. I was thinking though, about how many people have died. We have lost thousands of soldiers, and the casualties that the Iraqi's face multiply that from what I have heard. I do not read much 'news' on the subject aside from what my I hear direct from the warzone. It is such a big issue that I haven't been able to really wrap my head around it.

What about adopting an Iraqi baby though? Iraqi child? Would that make a difference? I would love to have a little Iraqi baby, and I would love to give everyone around me the experience of seeing what this war is doing to the babies. I know that our soldiers are dying too, and that there are likely orphans resulting from that but I also know that before even going to war our soldiers need to think ahead and make sure no matter what their kids will be taken care of. So while yes I would consider donating money to assist with raising orphaned US military children, I wonder what is happening to all those Iraqi babies? I hear about children being adopted from China, South America, and Domestically but I don't hear about adoptions taking place for the tiniest victims of all. I don't even know if it is legal.

Just something on my mind...it isn't anything I'd be able to do soon, but I would absolutely love to do something like this if I am ever in a comfortable enough situation to bring more children into our family.

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Kristin said...

Well...I just googled 'adopting Iraqi children' and no, it is not even possible at this time due to strict Iraqi government policies.


I'm at LEAST glad that I am not the only one.