Saturday, October 20, 2007


Who are you? I know of 3 people who read this sometimes, but am unaware of anyone else, would you please tell me who you are? Especially if your name doesn't start with Au, Ca, or Ge please?

This IS public, but the lack of comments makes me question if it is actually being read. You can of course remain a lurker, but I'd love an introduction. :-)



smwilton said...

Hi Kristin
I'm reading your blog. I got the address from Judith when I was in California 10 days ago. Son Jim is here, so now he's seen your blog. We both love the pictures of Kenzie, so we may be checking in again! Love, Shirley

Kristin said...

Hi! Yes she is growing a lot that is for sure!! I'm excited about Halloween coming up, we're having a party this weekend and going to another one after on the ACTUAL Halloween day going to another party of course...lots of fun!!

Kristin & Kenzie

Audrey said...

Hehe, you know I read this all the time... Seriously, I check it almost every day

Ron said...

Howdy Kristin,

I'm your old neighbor from the watermarke. Pretty much everyone has moved out now, there are still a few people left but since they've upped the incentive I think most will be gone by the 30th. You should swing by and check out what they've been doing though, they've tiled the steps and all the courtyard now.

Anyhow I stop in every once in a while and check out your blog to see how you and the munchkin are doing. Keep up the great work!


Kristin said...

Hi Audrey!!

I miss you, I'm glad you have time to check it out...I look at yours a lot too.

Hi Ron!

Does this mean you are still there? I did notice they were painting the outside, I haven't walked all the way up to the courtyard yet. It's amazing how fast the extensive renovations happen...I liked the courtyard concrete, good for baby girls little rolling toys!


Ron said...

Yep I am here until this saturday and then I'm outta here. I can't wait for some peace and quiet. :)