Saturday, October 20, 2007

K, so I woke up and reality hit! all's well here's good things I've learned about:

PVC free vibrators available (learned from contributors seem to be 'pro' breastfeeding

My middle name is funny when interpreted a certain way (see myspace page bulletins)

My ex has a decent music video out as unsigned hype

Absolutely Fabulous is funny as ever

I added the MS logo/link to this site

Oh, and also the Working Mother Magazine page link

BAD stuff:

My friend/sitter is um, REALLY needing a place to live, contact me for details, she rocks and you'd be lucky to have her live with you

Still um, on separation from my um, boyfriend? Or is he not since Wednesday? who knows. I miss him but I'm really f-ing pissed if he's not missing me more.

Yeah, life is good pretty much baby is finally asleep but I'm so tired I'm pretty delirious.

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