Saturday, October 20, 2007

Wow...I am SO tired...

I am unusually tired today...I don't know if it because it's a 'mom' day with it being the weekend and all or what but I am just exhausted.

I haven't been able to get baby girl down for a nap, so that could definitely be part of it, I know I drank more coffee than usual as well, so that could be having adverse affects too, even just standing here typing is exhausting, drawing, thinking, I really would like to sit by myself in a quiet place for a little while...

Trying not to think of it as 'fatigue' because I kind of pride myself as not experiencing that kind of symptom but really, I am very very tired right now.

Tomorrow I was planning on starting Aikido with Kenzie, I hope I have more energy...I'm going to try and drink a lot of water, maybe I'm dehydrated or something.

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