Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bus Etiquette

Does Seattle have any? At all?

Today the day started with this guy, reasonable in other ways make VERY blunt blanket assumptions abut a particular ethnic group that "supposedly" had someone killed for making a long distance phone call..he was talking to the bus driver who initially I was silently cheering on...she said "You can't say ALL _____ are like that!" but then later on, was cheering on the ________ for capital punishment, wow, I'm not even going to go there. Interesting too, is that the guy, made a point later that related to my next point. He said something about how NOBODY TALKS TO HIM ON THE BUS.

TRUE STATEMENT -- I've been on buses and trains a LOT and Seattle has the QUIETEST bunch of people is like they are all TERRIFIED of human interaction...WTF? I mean, it's a totally extreme situation, I've been observing this for just over a year now. Peopls do NOT talk, and the extreme behavior I'm refers to TWO forms of "BUS ETIQUETTE" Both I feel are not ideal, and I will explain why:

1.) "The I don't give a F***" passenger: This is the person who walks down the aisle and doesn't even try to hold their laptop/briefcase/purse in a way that prevents it from hitting someone in the head, shoulder, leg etc. and when it does hit someone, they do NOT apologize, slow down, or anything. Not acknowledgment or taking responsibility for some RUDE ass behavior...this would NOT fly in NYC people would be hurt for acting like this in Brooklyn.

2.) The other extreme is the person who tries SO SO SO hard to NOT touch anyone that they totally make a martyr out of themselves walking down the aisle. Pretty comical really, as if touching someone...and having to apologize or SPEAK to someone...would be the end of the world.

Here in Seattle, they all just sit there. They don't really speak (except on their time I even saw a couple holding hands both talking about NOTHING to other people on their cell phones). They read, sometimes write rarely draw, often have ipod's on it is BIZARRE.

If I could make a would be that the people I see every day on the bus were friendly, enjoyed interacting and if they bumped into someone, they apologized and didn't cower, instead took it as an opportunity for something new in their life taking responsibility expanding their social network...but nah...I might as well wish for the freaking lottery. As my sister once described her's a bunch of "anti-soc's" here in least on the public transportation system.

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