Friday, November 30, 2007


Man it has been a really bad week personally. Work is good, my baby girl is great, even the daycare is going well (as expensive as it is now), money's tight but I'm working with it, but MAN this is a BAD personal week.

Earlier this week I was basically given some elementary instruction by someone who I really thought knew me, and wouldn't stop. Just that made me cry as this person knows about me what I've accomplished and should have figured out that I have always made it through by doing exactly what they felt they had to explain to me like a child learning the alphabet.

Tonight is just the icing on the cake, I got a lovely text because apparently I haven't been sending enough pictures, (see my psychic energy is supposed to know when to do so) and my ex threatened me talking about how someday she would be back with him.

I'm going to have to get started on finding legal resources to help me figure out what to do so I can get full legal custody. (I was 'hoping' to wait til after the holidays, but for sanity sake I think I should do it asap).

So I am starting my weekend off bawling with terrifying and extremely sad memories of the past bouncing around in my head, I remember vividly coming across this "Walking On Eggshells" book that made me feel so relieved and confident I did the right thing by leaving. I'm going to have FUN this weekend. That usually is but especially this weekend will be THE number one priority. You will see lots of pictures above this disturbing post once I wake up and get going tomorrow. I will focus on creating GREAT GREAT memories of the holiday season so these bad ones of the past can fade fade fade away.

Matter of fact? I've already been doing that, I even just blogged about it HERE on THIS magazine's website. I've been being positive and creating good memories, this is nothing new. This was one of the pictures of us at the parade the Friday after Thanksgiving, I may have posted it, but here it is again:

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