Monday, November 19, 2007

THROBBING...'s been about 3 days now, and I'm wondering if I might have a migraine...I really really hope not. I was convinced yesterday it was lack of sleep, but today, man...just moving makes my head throb and it does NOT feel good.

It was a great day other than that, and fortunately once I finally gave in and took an advil, it helped for a long time. Also I have an AWESOME co-worker who knew this magic neck trick, and when she kind of, plugged her fingers into my neck, it made the pain go away for about 10 minutes!! It was great. I tried to do it to myself but it wasn't the same. I work with good good people.

I am pretty tired though, crazy weekend. I picked up scrubs for all my co-workers this weekend and we all wore them, it was pretty funny. We were all kind of loopy from being so so busy and sleep deprived, one person seemed kind of sick from lack of sleep...I do have a lot of stress I'm dealing with but this is my thankful week. Here's today's things I'm thankful for:

*Awesome job and co-workers
*Memories of the past to learn from
*Endless opportunities for the future
*Couple hours of sunshine a day
*Friends in far away places always in my heart

So yeah, with that...I'm going to go play scrabulous some more..(I LOVE that game..)

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