Sunday, November 23, 2008


Okay, my situation started yesterday, if you look at my note last night you'll see one of the bad things that happened yesterday was banging my head on a cabinet, I think I described it as "hitting my head crazy hard" or something like that.

That was nothing compared to today. Yesterday I was just in the kitchen looking for things, pots, can opener stuff like that and banged the back of my head. Today was taken to a whole new level.

I was getting ready to go out and get a chai, go to church, and attend the potluck there for Thanksgiving. As I was squatting in the hallway going through something in the bottom cupboard close to the ground I stood up, FAST. When I say fast, it's only because of the end result, I was just standing up as one stands up, with enough force and energy to get the body vertical and balanced. My head, collided with the cabinet door with a loud crashing noise, it hurt badly enough I sat right back down, put my hands to my head, cried 'ow' again and when the pain seemed to get worse and not better I started crying...Geoff came over and I moved my hands, which had blood all over them. Looking at the cabinet I swear you could see like, a piece of skin almost hanging off of the cabinet gross.

He put his hand over my forehead and walked me to the bathroom to sit down, he helped me wipe it off a bit and get Neosporin and and a gauze pad thing pressed on it. Kenzie was freaking out and I pulled her to my lap when she refused to leave the room.

Long story short Kenzie eventually got off my lap and was almost in shock, definitely freaked out. She lay down in the hallway kind of in almost a fetal position, and didn't want me or Geoff to touch or talk to her. Geoff kept looking for butterfly bandages and made a few calls to figure out what we should do/if it was hospital worthy while I sat on the floor by Kenzie, who after a few minutes asked in a little voice, "is it my fault?" poor little girl actually thought somehow it might be her fault...fortunately she snapped out of it pretty fast and we went to the hospital, really painful for me and scary for her and probably Geoff too though.

We went to Highline which did a great job, almost no wait and they stitched me right up. Now I have seven stitches in my forehead, feel a little like Frankenstein but I'm glad that it IS stitched up so as to minimize the scar that the doctor was confident I would soon have.

Hopefully I don't hit my head on anything tomorrow.

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