Saturday, November 22, 2008 you Geoff!

I am thankful that I married someone who likes to cook, I have a very hard time in the kitchen and because of him I don't generally have to deal with it. Tonight I did though, here are the things that went well/didn't go well:

Went Well:
1.) Made Carrot/Satsuma Juice with Kenzie (and cleaned all parts of juicing machine) successfully.
2.) Thought of making cream of wheat which has iron, which I might be deficient in so bonus!
3.) Planned (and started) a simple dinner, noodles & chopped tomatoes out of a can for sauce
4.) Managed to feed both myself and Kenzie, and both successfully drank the carrot satsuma juice.
5.) Successfully made the Cream of Wheat, which didn't even have any lumps!

Didn't Go Well:
1.) Couldn't find a way to open the cans needed for my plans, because I brought the can opener to work sometime last week.
2.) Hit my head REALLY hard on an open cabinet door.
3.) Couldn't come up with anything aside from Cream of Wheat & Noodles to serve for dinner...thank goodness my daughters are young enough to think that is yummy, (one is 3 and one is in my belly).

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