Tuesday, November 4, 2008

election day scare

i went to the bus stop this morning, slightly later than usual and there was about 8 people huddled around the covered area. When I looked around more, I realized one man was lying down on the ground. There were two men/heros doing CPR and a third on the phone talking to police dispatch repeating what the men would say, "he's heart beat us gone, okay its back, he's not breathing though.".

Talk about a humbling way to start election day!

It makes me think back to times when I felt hopeless for whatever reason, body not feeling quite right and then of course on to the hospital experience this man will have, assuming he survives. It is healthcare that I thought of next, wondering if he has insurance or if he'd be paying off these medical bills the rest of his life.

We need an administration that will help the people who need it, which of course also means we need to do our part not just for us, not just for our families but for our village, our neighbors, our fellow humans we are sharing this life and planet with.

It couldHave been me at that bus stop. I could have had a miscarriage, maybe its five months from now and I go into labor! Or have a heart attack, stroke, simply pass out? It could be any of us and we need to not only appreciate what we have but we need to think outside our little happy bubble and realize we could lose everything at any time. Many people out there already have, and like Hilary said, "it takes a village.". I hope he is okay.

I already voted for Obama, did you vote yet?

-my blackberry rant from the bus for election day.

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