Sunday, November 2, 2008

Come on google....

So, I didn't have problem with this google/blogger acquisition, but I haven't been able to publish pictures here as easily! I've been posting more to my facebook page though since I can do that with the facebook blackberry application that is on my new blackberry (thanks Geoff!) I do wish I could put the pictures here though.

Things are going well but what I'm experiencing more than anything is pregnancy related, I know not all are into reading about that stuff but I figured I should let everyone know it is the "Baby #2" link on the right side of this page under my picture if you ARE interested...I'm just past 18 weeks now!!

Anyway, gotta go get baby girl out of the bath now, she's been lining up all her toys and counting them as she pushes them in to drop in the water, was my FAVORITE FAVORITE bathroom activity as a kid...watching things fall :-)

Have a good night...

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