Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ugh...growing pains...

Okay, so I'm just about halfway there, just under 2 weeks to go.

Not to whine but:

I totally puked yesterday, sucked. I had just taken my vitamins and eaten an apple, poor Kenzie was home alone with me and was so sweet, she hugged me back as I vomited. I also got sick a week or two ago...more than through the first trimester when I was nauseous more, but not actually getting SICK.

Round Ligament pain is present...that is defined here: ROUND LIGAMENT and it hurts, it's been hitting me when I get up sometimes, walk, or bend over to say, get something out of the trunk of the car. I think it's just my body getting ready to grow but ouch! Feels like the cramps I get when I jog or run.

Also my uterus is definitely up and sticking out, I can feel it, and it hurts WAY more than usual to be bumped or to have it pushed on at all, say by a hand trying to feel or by Kenzie being means I'm not as fun.

I'm a little frustrated I'm not feeling the baby move...I wonder if it is because I'm so distracted with life or something...I think I've felt it a few times, but not every day, and not strong enough to be sure. I really thought I felt it a month ago but kind of question that now...why wouldn't I have felt it since if that was the case?

zzzzzzz...I'm tired a LOT. Geoff told me he read my blood is increasing 50% about this time...and heart is working way harder, probably has something to do with it.

I was very much wanting to do a home birth, but after talking to Kenzie's pediatrician, I'm a little nervous...talking to midwife about it on Wednesday and will talk about hospital options that are natural birth friendly. I'm also of course nervous about the house not being done, but this decision would totally take that pressure off which I think all would appreciate.

I'd like to take a birthing class soon, I never took one with Kenzie and think it would be nice to know what I'm getting into ahead of time this time, since I ended up being kind of drugged up last time.

Kenzie and Geoff are great, love them to death.

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